⛽ Your Guide To Investing In RBOB Gasoline, The Liquid That Fuels Your Car

Who can drink a gallon of gasoline and live? Jerry can.

Brief Background

What Can It Do For You

All the products derived from distilling/refining crude oil. Gasoline represents a big chunk.

What Affects RBOB Gasoline Prices

📉💸 When Oil Went Negative, Why Couldn’t I Get Free Gasoline At The Pump?

Price chart of RBOB gasoline Vs. Brent & WTI oil. Blue is RBOB gasoline, orange is Brent, green is WTI. Gasoline tends to follow crude oil prices at a slightly higher price.

Where Is Demand Coming From?

Popular Ways To Invest In RBOB Gasoline — Pros/Cons of Each

TL;DR — Is It The Right Investment For You?



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